You set a table before me.

You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies;

you anoint my head with oil; my cup overflows.

Psalm 23:5 ESV

Over the last number of weeks I feel like I have been told what to think. We have protests, counter protests, and lots of arguing. We have post after post of anger, and frustration boiling over from people speaking about the injustices of life. We have people’s posts mocking others for the words they choose to use or not to use. Some people have argued with others they know and don’t know. Some people have unfriended others on social media. Some have just stopped talking because they don’t want to be attacked. Some are just feeling attacked over and over and don’t have a place they feel they can turn. Conflict in our community is at an all time high. You may have even said I am done with this person in my life.

Yesterday as I was sitting around the table with my accountability group eating dinner I was reminded of something. All the people in my life, those I am good with and those I have conflict with, we are going to eat around a table again. We are going to come to the table of our Lord. Jesus over and over again sat and ate with people he didn’t agree with. He ate with pharisees, and sinners. He often made people angry by doing this but Jesus knew the kingdom would be for everyone. I may not want them there but I know that Jesus does. I know Jesus wants them at the table. He wants us to be in relationship. He wants us to love and respect those around us who may not think like we do. He never asked them to change in order to be at the table. He knew the table would change us.

So in these days if you are hurt because someone said something to you or made a post mocking your opinion remember we are all going to sitting around the table together. The place where Jesus makes things new. Where he makes things well and brings forgiveness. Maybe it can change the way we talk about each other. Maybe we can listen and learn and bring healing. Let us come together at eat together, with our cups overflowing and have peace in Jesus.

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