Names, names and more names…genealogies and our connection to God’s story


One of the hardest parts of reading the scripture in a year is getting through the many sections of names. It can seem tedious, and well, down right boring.  I have read them over and over many times.  Going through long lists of names can be tedious and often funny when reading it out loud. But in those lists of names we are reminded of two very important things.

God remembers our name.  This might seem so simple but is so powerful to me. We are not just some number on his score sheet.  God doesn’t do a count of people just to say oh look I have 10,000 believers, or I have 20,000 believers.  He has your name written in the book of life.  You are his.  He records them and reminded his believes so many years ago to do the same. As you read through those genealogies and read those names which might seem weird or just plain odd remember he has your name written in the book of life.  He did it at your baptism and holds you close to himself. He knows you and knows your name. You are important to Him.  He died and rose for you.

Lastly God is faithful.  He took time to work out our salvation.  He took time to work through all these people before us and was faithful.  He promised to bring our salvation to completion and did through Jesus.  God worked all these things so some of the most unfaithful, and awful people.  He didn’t pick a bunch of amazing wonderful people.  He chose us because he is faithful.  God is good!

This last week we have done a good job as a family of reading our scripture each day.  It isn’t always going to be easy but is going to help us see Jesus and His work for us. He knows you and your family by Name. 

My God bless you as you read the scriptures as a family.

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