Parenting Church work kids…3 feet under the pew!

11138082_661124021462_4041078051331412321_nSometimes I feel like people think my wife and I are the best parents in the world.  Maybe because we go to church each Sunday and my kids are pretty good and quiet.  They use good language in Church, they sit still, they smile, and sing during the songs.  I know some of you have fallen into the trap of believing we either are super parents or our kids our super kids.

My kids get these same comments on the other side of the equation.  They often don’t get the opportunity to complain about their parents to their friends because I am their dad. They try to complain and kids just laugh it off because your dad is Steve-o and he is so fun.  I have my fun moments but let me tell you I am dad first and youth director Steve second at home.

So now for all you parents and kids who want to know how we do it each Sunday in the front pew… Here is the secret… You dont see what happens under the pew.  Their is a good 3 feet of parenting that it out of view.  You don’t see the times I put my hand on my child to remind them how to act. You don’t see the times I bend over and in a complete smile on my face remind them that after Church we can have some special time if they don’t behave.  We are real parents too.  My most important goal of parenting is my job is to help them see Jesus.  Sometimes that means helping them be quite to listen and other times it means letting them loose to hear about Jesus.

Lastly and probably most importantly I am not judging you based on how you kids act.  I never mind when kids are squirmy or a little rambunctious.  I think it is great when you kid is dancing in the center aisle at church because they are loving Jesus. I love it during the message when they ask you a very loud question. I think kids in Church is one of the greatest things in the world.  Kids are kids and I am not judging you on how they act. Some kids are mild tempered and some are not.  When they are very young like under 5 it is a whole different game so breath and parent.  We as the Church are excited you are here with us.  We are all in the same boat trying to help our kids hear and know Jesus.

but Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me and do not hinder them, for to such belongs the kingdom of heaven.” Matthew 19:14

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