7-8 grade devotion by Casey: Malachi 4

Read: Malachi 4

One day, before Christmas, my parents left and let me stay with my grandma.  They went Christmas shopping and they were gone for a while.  I was waiting for a long time.  They left at 10:00 am and got back 8:00 pm.  When they got back I was excited and happy.

All humans are not always very patient.  We hear “patience is a virtue” when we are in a hurry.  We are all waiting for something, like when you are shipping something or even Jesus coming back again.  This is what we are all waiting for as christians.  We are waiting for Jesus to come back and save us from the devil.   We can’t keep the word of God that Moses gave to us but Jesus forgave us so that we can go to heaven by being forgiven beings.

God loves us and that is why He sent His son originally to save us and now Jesus is coming again to save us for good so we never sin and go to heaven.  God loves us and he wants us all to go to heaven.  That is why Jesus saved us.  He wants us to go to heaven.

God never wanted us to go to hell,  he wanted us to go to heaven but Adam and Eve ate the fruit and sinned.  Luckily for us, God has already defeated the devil when he died on the cross but the devil still roams around us but one day Jesus will defeat the devil and we will get to live with Jesus.

Here are some questions for you to think about and share with your family.

  • What do you think of when you hear judgement day and what will happen on judgement day?
  • Why did Jesus save us the first time and why do you think this?
  • As we wait for God and know God is with us, what are we truly waiting for?

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