Why I love car rides with students!

van ride

Recently I took a group of students on a weekend retreat to Concordia University in Ann Arbor. I love taking students on events. The daily grind with students is important but retreats give us a chance to have more time.  My favorite part however is not always the retreat itself but the car rides. Ok some times the car rides aren’t fun. Sometimes you have a student get sick, or just restless.  Maybe you have that student who just can’t sit still or ride well with others. I however love the car ride for one reason.  I love the conversations it induces.

I am an extrovert to the extreme.  I love interaction, I love conversation, I hate silence.  I very rarely turn on the radio. In fact most of my students know that the only time I have the radio on is if we are playing MMMbop by Hanson in the car at full volume. (I know it is weird but it brings me joy.) Van rides are some of the best part of my ministry because I get to share in the lives of my students.

Our last trip was quite and adventure of conversation. We talked about all manner of things most of which I wont mention here but I always love what my students say about our car rides.  “Steve we always have the craziest of conversations about life, relationships and Jesus when you are driving.”

I love the car ride and I love those conversations I get to have with students. I learn from them. I hear things from them they wouldn’t say otherwise mainly because they are trapped in a car with me.  My point is sometimes we miss the joys of siting in a car and talking about life and Jesus. So turn down the radio and listen and talk to your students. Enjoy the journey and hear what they have to say.

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