Life will not be better with Christ.


I like shocking statements.  I enjoy throwing things out there to students to get them to think.  Sometime I think we need to be shocked in order to hear the message.  So here goes.  Life is not better with Jesus in fact it ruins your life.

I know most of you who are reading this are screaming at the screen… By the way you shouldn’t ever scream at your screen it is weird… But I said it being a Christian and follower of Christ mean your life will be different.  When you know Jesus your will be scorned by the world around you.  When you stand up for what is right in the world you will be mocked.  When you speak with family and friends you will be ignored and people will walk away from you.  You will look with empathy on those around you who do not know Jesus and his work for you.  The way you lived your life and it being all about you will change to a life of looking out for others…Well maybe all of this will happen.  You will still have days when you will be about you.  Your sinful nature will make sure of that.  However Jesus will continue to work on you.  And that work will be hard.

So I guess what I would like to share with you today is that God is faithful.  God in his work reminds us that when we are experiencing this persecution that Christ is faithful.  He will continue to come after you.  He will continue to chase after your soul through His Word and sacraments.  He is coming after you.  Just remember this doesn’t mean your life will be better but it will be one with Christ.

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